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About Force of Nature First Aid

Yvonne Poirier
Red Cross First Aid Instructor & Training Partner

Yvonne has always been a "first aid geek." She spent her childhood camping, hiking and kayaking on mountains, lakes and rivers of Alberta, and has now been living on or beside the ocean for many years, developing a great appreciation and respect for it. Yvonne worked as a kayak guide and camp leader for multiple seasons with various companies in BC, before taking ownership of Salt Spring Adventure Co. Ltd. in 2013. With Yvonne's adventures in the outdoors, she realized her passion for First Aid, while dealing with the many minor, and some major injuries, that come hand in hand with outdoor activities. With this experience, creates a great first aid instructor, with relevant knowledge, and a fun way of teaching, to ensure everyone can enjoy and learn in her courses.

Yvonne's Certifications:

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